Romsons Infant Feeding Tube


Jual Romsons Infant Feeding Tube

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 Code : GS-4008

FG-5 Grey
FG-6 Green
FG-7 Clear
FG-8 Blue
FG-9 Orange
FG-10 Black
  • Manufactured from DEHP free PVC.
  • Suitable in neonatal and paediatric enteral nutritional feeding.
  • Distal end is coned with two lateral eyes.
  • Proximal end with female luer mount for easy connection to enteral feeding bag connector or luer mount/luer slip syringe.
  • Tube is marked at 20 cm from the tip.
  • Low friction tubing and super smooth tip ensures trauma free intubation.
  • Provided with radio opaque line to facilitate accurate location.
  • Sterile, straight packed in peelable soft blister pack.
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