Lampu Operasi Mobile 5 Bulb OneMed


Jual Lampu Operasi Mobile 5 Bulb OneMed

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Lampu Operasi Mobile dilengkapi roda, 5 Bulb

Dilengkapi baterai kering Tegangan 24Volt


– Cold Light, Shadowless Operating lamp with 5 reflector

– Color Temperature: 4000+500K

– Diameter of body lamp: +700mm

– Adjustment of range illumination: 100-200mm

– Power Voltage: 220V AC 50HZ

– Rate Power: 125 Watt

– Rated Voltage of Bulb: 24 Volt

– Rated Power of Bulb: 25Watt

Satuan: unit

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Weight 100000 g
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